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Karl Popper's response to Hume
Are possible worlds really 'real'?
Can truth be defined?
Functionalism vs behaviourism as theories of the m...
Hempel's paradox of the ravens
Why Aristotle needs his four causes
Mind-body problem and the nature of philosophy
Wittgenstein on solipsism
Grice on conversational implicature
What is a law of nature?
Determinism and the justification of punishment
Causation and the explanation of human action
Heraclitus, Aristotle and the problem of change
Solving Goodman's new riddle of induction
Aristotle's account of substantial change
Scepticism, consciousness and moral theory
Are there moral facts? (revisited)
Intentionality: Frege and twin-earth cases
Zeno's paradoxes of motion
Evaluating Descartes' method of doubt
March 2014

Descartes' argument for the mind-body distinction
Truth and knowledge, personal identity
Can you know that you are not dreaming?
Kuhn on the structure of scientific revolutions
Milesian theories of the primary substance
Justification of induction and Leibniz on free wil...
Milesian philosophy of physical explanation
Donald Davidson on radical interpretation
Plato's proofs of the existence of a soul in the P...
Aristotle's case for a prime mover
Knowledge and belief in Plato's Republic
David Lewis, equivalent worlds and knowledge

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